Friday, October 26, 2007

Get this.....

Ok...I just saw the funniest thing ever and I'm going to try and capture the scene. In order for you to laugh at this you are going to have to visualize. Picture the following:

I'm walking down the hall to the restroom. Out of a row of cubes halfway down the hall comes this man and woman. They have their coats on, its about 10:30AM....they are obviously going outside for a cigarette. They are walking really slow and I'm behind them. We get to the end of the hall and have to make a left. Just as we make a left a woman...probably in her late 30s, early 40s, must be a director or higher because she came out of an, this woman comes up, walking in a hurry but doesn't get in front of the slow poke older couple going for a stroll and a smoke (in NO hurry). The woman is walking side by side with me being held up by the slow pokes. I say to her "in a hurry huh" because I can see she looks frustrated by the slow couple. the visual because here is where it gets funny:

The woman....probably a director or above in her late 30s, early 40s is practically right over the shoulder of the slow couple and she starts doing this mock jogging in place with her head bobbing from one side to the next in complete mockery of the old couple. I giggled the entire way into the bathroom, through my pee-pee and all the way back to my office. Seeing a grown woman doing a mock jog with head bobbing back and forth right over these people shoulders.

Now thats funny.....if you could visualize.



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