Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Best Ways to Break Up

I recently heard of someone famous (can't remember who) texting some random girl that they were sort of dating that they were done. I figured pretty cold but then they weren't really dating.

Mrs. Hulk Hogan's way to break up with the Hulk? Let a reporter tell him that she filed for divorce. NICE. Mrs. Hogan went off to California for 3 weeks. Hulk apparently assumed she was just going for a vacation but NOPE......while there she filed for divorce, much to the surprise of Hulk.

See Hulk, give 'em a little fame and look what happens. Good news is that you can finally start banging all those little hottie Hulk fans....assuming your penis works after the years of steriods.

Hmmmmm did this sleuth detective uncover the reason for your divorce?



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