Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I really shouldn't go to work drunk

But it happens from time to time based on my prior evening plans. I was out last night drinking a fair amount.......ok...more than fair amount.

Woke up, still drunk and not really sure what I'm doing but I got through my 9AM meeting and had nothing else to do so all was well.

Anyway, go get some soup for lunch (southwestern corn chowder....pretty tasty)....so I'm heading back up to my office in the elevator with my soup. Some lady is on the elevator with a bag of fish sandwiches from a local fish institution. The place is a good 20 minutes away so it was a bit of a surprise.

I didn't notice until she was getting out. Door closes and there is a guy in there with me so I say "you see that? she had fish sandwiches from xxxxxx"....he was disinterested and just grunted...this pissed me off so I had to become annoying AND belligerent elevator guy so I say "yeah.....fish sandwiches from xxxx.....thats a hell of a haul"......dramatic pause to let him think I'm done but I'm going to continue......"I mean if I had known I'd have placed an order".....dramatic pause...another grunt and a look of 'please shut up about the fish sandwiches'......"You know, if you're going to xxxxx for fish, you need to announce that shit....others could be interested"......like on cue elevator opens, I storm off as if I'm really pissed that some woman that I don't even know didn't ask me if I wanted a sandwich while the guy is looking at me like I'm a real asshole.

I just went into my office and giggled.



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