Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cmon Lindsay.......

It's a damn good thing nobody really reads this cause I could have lost alot of money. I gave Lindsay Lohan 69 days as the over / under on her sobriety. I figured she'd really try a little bit but NOOOOOOOO......You didn't even make it a week. You are truly a train wreck. Quite the mess.

I was just flipping through channels and they interview a girl at some boutique where Lindsay was shopping "just hours before her arrest".....well 10 hours. The interviewer asked the girl "how was she acting...did she seem normal". The girl said "actually yes, she looked beautiful and was just having fun shopping, everything seem quite normal". She was arrested at saw her at 4Pm in the middle of the's not so unbelievable that she seemed NOT drunk at 4pm in the afternoon while out shopping. She wasn't arrested for hacking a bf into pieces so why wouldn't she seem normal?

This media is really too much. Of course Lindsay is too much but quite frankly she is just plain sad at this point.



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