Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The drudgery of work

For those of you who have read my stuff and feel like you know me to some degree you get the picture that I'm not one for work. Simply not a big fan. In the past I found plenty of ways to divert my attention and I made work a social occasion or productive time to spend on my fantasy sports teams. Actual work was just a diversion.

My new gig sucks. This place is on lockdown. No personal email, no IM, no phone actually have to have a code to make any calls (not a huge deal cause I just go make calls on my cell phone). Add in the fact that I share a cube with some dude who is constantly looking over my shoulder and its simply no fun. I used to be able to fill 10 hours of "work" with plenty to do but I find myself pretty much ready to be done with the day by 11am.

I honestly don't know how people do it at a place like this......actual work....and dumb work. There is NOTHING interesting about this place so I can't believe there aren't more bodies laying around after killing themselves.

Another note on work. I have been inside 10-15 companies and I have NEVER seen so many old women who actually work. I'm not talking admins.....these old ladies have actual positions....not necessarily good positions but they have real positions. I'm talking 50 year old ladies.....ALOT of them. It sort of freaks me out for some reason.



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