Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Friends

I love people as you can probably tell and I like making new friends too. For instance today at work I made 2 new friends:

1) There is a mentally challenged girl in the pantry who seems to like to talk to me. I walked in once and she told me there were no cup holders and said a few other things I didn't actually get. I went back later figuring it was safe but she was there and assisted me in telling me there was no water...."I don't know what to tell you". I guess she lives in the pantry.

2) Ivy face pointed me to the library as a place to possibly get some research. I figured maybe THIS corporate library actually has someone who knows something (wrong but not the point here). The librarian took a shine to me because I started asking about the books and whether I could take one out even though I'm not in the system yet. Typical librarian.....ANYONE who shows the slightest interest in reading and they thrilled. She was all pushy about me getting a book, signing up, showing me this system online, etc. I ran into the 60 year old, cane walking librarian about 3 more times today and kept getting the same thing "you gonna come back monday right....get a book out right". If I play my cards right with this old lady I might get homemade cookies.

I thought I made another friend but thats really the only people I talked to all day other than this pompous dude that I already know I DONT like. The security guard found me amusing too but he's not allowed to laugh cause he's watched by a camera so he just sort of smirks and then says "that's funny" out of the corner of his mouth....guess he isn't allowed to talk either.



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