Tuesday, August 28, 2007

82 Minutes???

I've been out of touch a bit between being busy at work and recovering from "man day" on Saturday (Sunday was NOT a good day.......I did meet one of the most deranged guys ever on Saturday.....I just hung out with him and giggled in a drunken stupor for 18 holes of golf).

Anyway, Nicole Richie only had to do 82 Minutes of jail time??? Is that really it for her? This is crazy.....I actually don't even know what she did but is it really worth tax payers money to put ANYONE in jail for 82 minutes?

This isn't about Nicole Richie people....this is about taxpayers money. I'm an advocate of the people (ok....that's just as ridiculous as the 82 minutes but I figured I'd see how it sounded when I typed it out loud........and quite frankly I'm giggling to myself just thinking it.....as if I care about the normal moron).

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