Thursday, August 16, 2007

I know whats happening....can't fool me

I'm working with this woman from another firm who is probably mid-40s, single, might be a lesbian (unclear on this but seems to be a definite possibility). She mentioned she was going on a weekend trip over labor day.....I asked where she was going......she didn't want to say so I didn't just let up. She said "people look at me funny cause I'm going far away for just a weekend....let's just say I'm going west". I said "cali isnt that far for a weekend". She said "further west". I said "hawaii??? thats a long ways". She said "further than hawaii" and I looked at her funny as she knew I would.

That made me think. This is like one of those things you read about where guys just take off to Thailand to spend a brief weekend with underage male prostitutes. This lady is probably going over there for the same reason....underage hookers (which gender......still not sure).

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