Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crossing Picket Lines

The writers guild is on strike or will be soon. This means many shows will suffer and in fact not be able to create new episodes UNLESS people like me cross the line. I'm thinking I'll cross the line for Law & Order or any of those other detective shows.

Whats so hard about this: body found, 4 people are somehow related to body, pick a killer, pick a weapon, pick a motif (usually love, lust, drugs, job, etc) pretend it was really someone else, discover it was the other person, tell them you are on to them, have them deny it, prove them wrong, arrest them.

Hell I can write that. Fill in with some miscellaneous language and conversation. Some subplots about police detectives lives battling personal demons (dead spouse, alcohol, mistaken killing, dead partner) and you got an episode.

I'm going to ponder my first episode and get back to you for critique. It's gonna be a doozy though. My coming out party. If this goes well I'll start writing for Desperate Housewives (of course they'll all turn lesbo so I have a headstart in my mind for this one).



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