Sunday, November 11, 2007


I see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck from the View had her baby. First thought in my mind is " annoying....she's going to be talking about that kid every day and relating her experiences as a mother to the issue at hand on The View".

So then you start thinking....hmmmm who does this sound like...annoying, mother, on a talk show? Can you say Kathie Lee Gifford? She is Kathie Lee in the making. She whines like her, she has a kid and will be annoying with that AND look at the picture.....she even looks like Kathie Lee 20 years ago. Look at how the hair seems to be getting more strawberry (of course this might be an old picture but as if I care about technicalities).

This is truly spooky. Pretty soon its family Christmas Specials and singing on cruise boats. Mark my 4 years it will be the Hasselbeck Xmas in Vermont special. When it happens I'll be here to tell you I told you so.



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