Monday, July 16, 2007

A treat for me

I gotta say....this day started out pretty shitty. I got two hours of sleep.....cause I just don't sleep anymore really...not unless I'm drunk and even that's starting to not help.

So I had two hours sleep and had to leave at 4:45 to arrive for a meeting. Not a good beginning.

Then when I got to work there was no place to sit, no computer and no access to the internet so that meant......nap time in the hotel. Looking up.

Then I wake up and get my work done for tomorrow. Beautiful, cause my buddy is coming in and we are going to grab a drink. There is another guy from a prior life working at the same place. He started the same day I did and has no other friends so now I have an instant friend. I wasn't sure last week if he liked my humor and could handle me or if he was serious but by the end of the week he was asking me to grab lunch and dinner and stuff so I realized "I think he likes my ramblings" so good I at least have a friend and we are going to have a drink. We haven't crossed the line of where we both let each other know we are actually borderline alcoholics but I think he has potential to keep up so I dont have to go drink alone in my room.

That takes me to this moment. I'm sitting in my room and I hear housekeeping screaming in foreign tongue. "go away...I'm fine" I say. More foreign tongue "ishkabibble blahdy blah ishka". I don't have any pants on so I just want them to go away.....more foreign tongue. Ok, OK...I'm coming.

By the I'm going for the door there is a thought running through my head that I'm going to open the door to some hooker standing there and then what the hell do I do? Not the case, so no worry.

In fact I open the door to some pleasant, elderly asian housekeeping lady with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. "Ishkabibble blahdy blah ishka" actually meant "complimentary for you". The tray also had some random cookies and other lesser desserts but I struck heaven with 5 chocolate covered strawberries sitting on top of a plate of shaved chocolate.

Gonna be tasty after a vodka.

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