Monday, July 16, 2007

Not sure about this one

I'm all for horrible reality tv and in fact I'm very upset that I got caught up in doing shit to get ready for my week and didn't even realize last night that two (bound to be) train wrecks were on last night: the poison guy playing bachelor guy for a bunch of white trash morons and scott baio's show about whatever. I'll catch the repeat....won't happen again.

Anyway this is about Ms. Victoria. OK, OK....I concede Ms Vicky and Mr. Beckham are hot, fine. Do we really need a show watching her come to America? What can this possibly be about? I want to watch but I'm grabbing a drink with a friend so gonna miss out this week but will have to try again for next week.

Speaking of these two anyway.....For Beckham to want to come to America where soccer is the redheaded, retarded stepchild I've gotta wonder if he's more interested in just being pure famous than actually caring about soccer. Freddie Adu was supposed to be the Tiger Woods of American Soccer but he was too young. Now Beckham is supposed to be the Tiger but I'm just not sold he actually cares.....let alone america caring much.

I don't actually care either way as long as it doesn't interfere with my American Football watching.



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