Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Time

Ohhhh yeah...its summer time in full swing. What's that mean? That means the truckers got their kids on the road. "Well son, you gonna come with me on the haul for the week....gonna teach you a few things about the road".

Gonna teach you how to shower yourself in the rest area bathroom sinks. Gonna teach you the finer points of dining on Roy Rogers and Sbarro. Gonna teach you how to pick yourself out a good ho at the truck stops and be sure they aren't the law. Gonna teach you how to get girls in the passing cars to flash their tits.

I'm not going to teach you how to drag an unsuspecting dude out of his car and butt rape him in the stall cause I ain't into that but my friend Willy is so if you'd like, he'll show you.

Oh yeah son....time to make a man out of you.

Yep......never noticed this before but for some reason seemed like every trucker has a son with him.



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