Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amy Winehouse

I keep thinking that I simply have no reason to care about Amy Winehouse or her husband Blake Fielder-Civil. I keep assuming they are just going to get out of my life (ie. People will stop putting pictures of them on their site) but they keep reappearing.

It's getting so bad that I'm now starting to question whether there is reason I should care. Is there good music associated with these two goofy looking fucks that I would really like? Do I need to download a few samples and start caring? Are they just famous cause she's such a mess?

Do I need to get out of control freaky fucked up on drugs and start cutting myself for this damn blog to be noticed? Maybe I need to learn something from Amy Winehouse and not care about her. Maybe that's my path to fame......self destruction. If this dumb bitch has no talent that it's just the self destruction anyone cares about so that's my ticket.

I just might start tonight with a Vicodin to get the ball rolling. If that goes well then maybe next week I'll cut myself in my hotel room. Who the hell is going to find me though???? I have a flaw in my system.



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