Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scary and Hairy

Ouch Christina Aquilera.......he doesn't seem attractive at all. Funny looking, ugly and hairy.

I REALLY don't understand why someone would date a hairy man. There can't be enough redeeming qualities to make up for that......oh......unless there are about $10Million 'qualities' maintained by the local neighborhood banker.

PS. by the way Christina, you look nice. Seems like you've gained a few pounds. Don't gain anymore but I like the "non-stick" version of you.



Blogger Lauren Messiah said...

Word on the street is Christina is preggers, thats why she looks a little puffy.

8/28/2007 1:58 PM  
Blogger The Buffoonery said...

I read that after I posted actually. That'll explain a few things. Guess the world will welcome another baby gorilla in the world.

I know just the guy who can teach her how to feed such a creature....actually I can think of two such beasts.

8/28/2007 4:29 PM  
Blogger Lauren Messiah said...

I can think of one...but who is the 2? the one I can think of is hairy all over and a bastard beast.

8/29/2007 4:24 AM  
Blogger The Buffoonery said...

You got the one dickie wearing bastard. The other is more of a true gorilla.....On The Border eating gorilla.

8/29/2007 8:22 AM  

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