Friday, August 17, 2007

My past week:

Boss: This memo is all wrong....guys we aren't capturing the essence of the nuance of the points we need to be making.....we NEED to say blah blah blah.....we have to explicitly state blah blah blah. (2 hours)
Me and Team rework everything: 4-6 hours
Bosses Boss: nooo......guys, this is all wrong....we are saying this way to strong here....we don't want to explicitly say.....blah blah blah....we want to say blip blip blip......
Boss: No bosses boss....I don't think we shoudl approach it that way....we MUST say blah blah blah
Bosses Boss: I really want to say blip blip fact I wouldnt even say blip #3, I'd just leave it at blip blip now that I think of it
(4 hours)
Me and Team rework everything: 4 hours at night

For those of you keeping track at home that 15 hours a day of playing the part of tennis ball going back and forth.

We are now on day 5 of this. Every day the same thing. SAME EXACT THING.....I'm about to get on a call at 5 with boss and bosses boss. I'm on my 4th beer cause I just can't handle this anymore.