Sunday, November 11, 2007

That'll Show Him

Prince Harry was dumped by his long time girlfriend. Apparently she was tired of his playboy lifestyle and lack of commitment to her. Well there you go honey, that'll show the playboy.....dump give the playboy his freedom. Perhaps this is just what he wanted. Perhaps you were just a show for the public so people thought he was responsible and stable.

Fine job just gave up a Prince and maybe a chunk of money, stardom, etc. Apparently you didn't learn anything from Lady Di. Her and what's his name didn't care about each other but she made out pretty well in that little arrangement. If you could have just hung in there for appearance sake and then make him marry you for appearance sake you could have done VERY well for yourself.

Blew that one sweety. I'm sure there are fine men back in Zimbabwe where you are from. Buffoon.

By the way....if your nose was just slightly more upright you'd have a real pig face....consider that next time you dump a Prince.....Buffoon

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