Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goddamn People

YES....I AM pissed.

My experiment didn't last very long. Matty Mc couldnt last more than 3 weeks. I thought this was going to be a 30 week run at least. Asshole get your shirt off and hit the beach. I had a streak going.

I think what might happen is Matty Mc might be replaced by David Beckham but I'm not sure there are enough pics of Davey-boy without a shirt.

On a related note, I was watching VH1 last night and there was some wierd show on about celebrities and they were showing footage of Matty Mc on the beach. That dude really is a freak. At one point he was like humping the sand. I'm sure it was some form of stretching / yoga move but sure looked like he was humping.



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