Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Time Charlie

I had to go to dinner last night with my boss, his peer (Charlie) and their boss. I thought the dinner was going to be horribly long and boring because I thought the place was going to be a fancy drawn out type of establishment (a place I knew of but had never been). We actually got in, conducted our business, had dinner served timely and got out with little pain.

Charlie is a guy in his mid to late 40’s from NYC relocating to this area. This dude is NY all the way and was is a hoot. Everything is MF this and that F’in that and these F’ers doing this. Turns out Charlie is staying in the same hotel as me and he makes a comment about possibly going to the bar in a bit….I say ‘not a horrible idea’. Next thing I know Charlie is calling me in that NY sort of aggressive, almost obnoxious way….’yeah, hey, so you wanna have a drink’? A number of drinks later and lots of F bombs from Charlie and I have friend I’m not sure I actually want.

I don’t know if its good news or bad news but Good Time Charlie is going to be moving into corporate housing real soon. Jury is out as to whether that’s a good thing or not. Part of me wants Charlie around and part of me knows its better for me if he’s not.

The downside of this evening was that I had full intention of watching Rock of Love on VH1 at 10 but didnt make it. No worries though, got it tivo'ed for this evening.



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